About me

I am Angelica, data manager at the Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovation (ODISSEI) consortium. I earned a PhD in Sociology at Tilburg University with a dissertation titled “Do you want cookies? Trust dynamics and educational gaps in the datafied risk society” (available at this link). During my PhD, I was also an assistant of the Methodology Group of the European Values Study (EVS), and member of the EVS Operational and Planning Group.

During my PhD, I gained significant experience in conducting academic research at the intersection between sociology and survey methodology, by combining substantive research with operational work for the European Values Study.

In the dissertation, I applied sociological theories, e.g. Beck’s reflexive modernization and Inglehart’s cultural backlash, to understand how individuals cope with datafication processes, often applying a cross-cultural comparative perspective. I mostly use survey data and quantitative statistical methods. Examples of my research questions are: whether and why there is an educational gradient in e-privacy management and whether it varies by the level of digitalization of a country, or whether trust in social media among the Dutch citizens eroded as a consequence of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. At the moment, I am working on a paper on the acceptability of a Covid-19 passport among the Dutch citizens, and on the educational gradient in acceptance of surveillance among European citizens.

In my free time I love knitting, playing the harp and pole dancing. I also love food - eating it more than cooking it.

On this website you can find a compete list of my publications and my CV.

If you are interested in exchanging ideas, feel free to reach out via email (angelica at odissei-data.nl), twitter, Linkedin, or mastodon.